Content of your website is no longer up-to-date but you don’t have time to take care? Words on your homepage are acceptable and could be smarter?

A refresh of your website content could be the right solution. During a website refresh text and content is completely reshaped and brought into a consistent look-and-feel. So that readibility of your website improves and your website attracts more visitors.

At the same time an optimisation of the content in regards of search engines leads to better results in the internet. And in case you want to relaunch your website entirely, I am offering you the complete relaunch including new design. After the relaunch you can either take care of maintenance of your new website yourself or outsource this service to us.

You decide what degree of website refresh you need. In case you only want to have new text we will add our consultancy and give you ideas how to optimise your website in addition for free. So that your visibility in the internet improves and your customers get a good impression of your company.

Vitamin11 – Fresh breeze for websites

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