Workshop Positioning: Show your profile!

Do you want to succeed as an entrepreneur and increase your attractiveness to customers and clients? Or do you intend to improve the image of your company?

In a one-day workshop you will find out how your positioning will create better awareness of clients / customers and how to grow your business. Since you are a unique personality – you will find out how to develop your individual business further.

In the workshop you will develop the customer benefits of your company and your personal USP. You will define the identity and your company’s values and strengths. You will set goals and define target groups. Thus you will gain clarity and strength based on an authentic positioning, which allows you to identify a clear and visible standing in the outside world. This makes your company attractive to clients / customers and the public.


  • Identity, values, strengths
  • Company goals
  • Services
  • Target groups
  • Positioning based on clear customer benefit
  • Unique selling proposition

By working in a group you will receive valuable feedback regarding your business strategy. You will identify hidden potential and gain confidence for your strategic direction. Positioning is the foundation for your long-term success. The workshop will help you to focus on your success. On this basis, you can concentrate your marketing efforts so that your customers and clients will be attracted almost magically.

Target group: female entrepreneurs who want to review or realign their strategy

Time: To be agreed

Location: Upon your preference

Investment: on request at:

Workshop leader: Gina Nauen, Vitamin11 marketing consultancy


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